This IS a compilation OF all MY facts that I have FOUND on LOST!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

HOW old is ECHO??

I have MADE a crucial discovery!! THere is SOMETHING about Mr Echo!! While I was TESTING a new technology to DISCOVER interesting facts, a TECHNOLOGY where I glue my eyelids to my SKIN so that I can't BLINK and thus cna't miss ANYTHING that happends, I found out that MR Echo is supposed TO be very OLD!! The first ELECTRONIC photo is from THe Coast of Dying, where we see a man, which is ACTUALLY Blob MArly!! Look at the SECOND electronic PHOTO, it's TOTALY the same person!! And Blob Marly has BEEN dead for over FOURTY years!! That would MAKE Echo at least 60 years OLD Now!! I have FOUND even more PROOF that Echo is supposed to BE very old!! Look at the THRID photo, wher eyou can see that THEY are BREAKING into a SHED. CLearly, this is FAR in the past as NOWADAYS, people don't break INTO shes anymore, tehy JUST watch telly!! And the telly has BEEN around for 50 YERAS, so that WOULD MAKE Echo at LEAST 70 now!! Perhaps TIME passes DIFFERENTLY in Africa, in Zimbabwa, where Echo lives!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I have found out THE REal swayer!!

After RUININING another family, HE HAD Enough!! I found out THAT JABBA LEE (the chinese guy SUNG was sleeping with) is FRANK SWAYER, the real Swayer!! This subtle HINT was given to ME in "The GLass Nutckracker" when I Saw him FALLING on to Chin's car!! It came to ME!! He wanted to GET some payback from Chin by making one LAST con!! He calculated that HE would fall on top OF Chin's car!! Doing so, he WOULD make Chin have HEAVY losses because THEY wouldn't BE able to EXCHANGE insurances!! That's a VERY common CON!! The GREAT mystieres are NOT really GREAT mysteries if YOU think ABOUT it!! I will soon GET to DISCOVER the secret OF life, if it's AS easy to FIND as THIS is!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

What is Santie CLAUSE doing inside the MONSTER!!

Once again, I am DAZZLED by my OWN DISCOVERIES!! I just found out that THERE are images of SANTIE Clause inside the SMOKE monster!! The FACES were SHOWN in the episode Exorcist Part II!! I then USED my INCREDIBLE Abloke photostore techniques TO trace the FACES in the smoke!! The MINDBLOWING result is at the BOTTOMM!! You can CLEARLY see SANTIE Clause twice, with an ELF in the middle!! I feel LIKE Napoleon Dynamite, the GUY who DISCOVERED England in 1978!! Now I've got TO go to SLEEP As my MUM wants to HAVE fun and GO to BED with some BLOKE she met this EVENING!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chin IS on to THE others!!

Cruicial discovery by Chin!! See the ELECTRONIC photo below!! Where DID Chin get this cowboy HAT?? I did not SEE this on the telly!! My mole at hbo is TELLING me that THEY removed the HAT because they THOUGHT it would REVEAL TO much!! IT is a subtle hint to the OTHERS really being COWBOYS!! Yes, the CREATORS of lost thought to CONFUSE teh people with the start of SEASON 3 showing that the OTHERS are just PEOPLE who live in REGULAR houses, but my MOLE has told me that there are more than ONE other camps!! The other ONES are the COWBOYS!! Which BRINGS me to correct my LAST mistake!! I think the FOOT is a remodeling of THE cowboys Frank (Frank SWAYER, perhpas??) or James Cassidy! (The COWBOY who stole his name from the BAD guys OF the SERIES pokermon!!) Yes yes, this is another BIG discovery WHICH BRINGS me a bit CLOSER to solving Lsto!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Slahyde is the CARRIER!! He has the SICKNESS!!

I have FOUND a new compelling fact THAT hasn't been DISCOVERED!! It's something THAT will P.LAY a big part in SEASON 3!! I have now with 1000.6654% proven THAT Slahyde has THE sickness! AND HE's had it for a LONG time, SO I had a change to TOTALLY investigate what the SICKENSS does!! It seems the ITALIAN chiquita was RIGHT8O!! The others WERE the carriers!! And when THEY took the Angelica, her DAUGHTER, she went all BAZOOKAS from the sickness!! And then SHE kidnapped Slahyde,a nd NOW he's got it TOO!! The proof is RIGHT here!! Remember that HARLEY wanted some FREAKING answers?? Well, he CAME to slahyde for some ANSWERS (who had NONE!!) and the NEXT day, Slahyde told Jake all aobut it!! But here's THE proof of the SICKNESS:: He said: "HARLEY. He was in MY tent last night". You're probably now THINKING "that son OF a misfit IS mad!" but here it COMES!! Check ouut the picuter BELOW!! There IS NO tent!! And this LAST line has MADE me FOUND the cure of the SICKNESS!! It's not the VACCINATION, no, ALL They need is just a VISIT from Orpheas from the MATRIX to make him see THAT there IS NO tent!!

Some KNOWN things TEH sickness DOES:
-MAKES you imagine thinkgs, LIKE tents!!
-Makes you go CRAZY for power and MAKES you distrust EVERYONE!! (Remember MIke!!)
-Makes you WANT to kill the LEADER of the OTHERS, Henry Gayle!!
-Makes YOU start a RELATIONSHIP with a woman from a DIFFERENT religion!!

These aRE just a FEW of the many THINGS the sickness does!! I feel LIKE Marcus Polka going to Russia to SEE the mongols their with all THERE gold!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spoiler!! SEason 3!! Details about Echo's FATE!!

My mole AT HBO (hte channel THAT airs LOST) has REVEALED me a SPOILER with a PICUTER!! Brace YOURSELF, as I reveal Echo's FATE!! He... ALIVE!! But wait, doesn't HE have WOUNDS and to that I answer, YES!! To shock the PEOPLE, they have DECIDED that Echo WILL lose HIS eye!! See the electronic PHOTO below!! No need to thank ME for this!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Mystery OF the FLESHLIGHT!!

Yes yes,, I'm FINALLY back!! I'm startign OF with Yet ANOTHER lost MYSTERY!! One OF The biggest, ACTUALLY!! In Walkaround, they HEAR something MOANING in the FUSELAGE!! And THEN they USE fleshlights to see WHAT's in THERE!! And then IT is SHOWN that Swayer had a BIGGER fleshlight than Jak. What COULD this BE hinting to???? Everybody knows that NOTHING in Lost is a COINICDENCE!! I'm very confused RIGHT now!! I CAN'T figure out WHAT Swayer wouuld HAVE a bigger PACKAGE off than Jak!